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Bringing you 50+ expert speakers
in their respective field & passionately
sharing timely and relevant information
to help you feel more empowered
with caring for your four legged and
feathered family members
in the best way possible - naturally!
Introducing the FIRST of it's KIND in 2018 the...
We are bringing you the FIRST, the LARGEST & the most IMPACTFUL online event of it's kind "DEDICATED to the holistic care of horses, dogs, cats & birds!"  Learning what you need to know has Never Been Easier!  
The Animal Wellness Summit is a complete virtual training event that is designed for you to get access to some of the BEST Animal Wellness training in the world!

All from the comfort of your home.

Say goodbye to expensive traveling, accommodations and transportation expenses!  We've created a state of the art training event that is designed to do ONE THING - help you feel more empowered with caring for your four legged family members in the best way possible!

When we put the ANIMAL WELLNESS SUMMIT online training program together we had FOUR goals in mind:  
  • GOAL #1 - Bring together the BEST OF THE BEST speakers, leaders, researchers, and educators in the Animal Wellness Global Community. 
  • GOAL #2 - Serve hundreds of thousands of animal lovers worldwide who are open-minded and health conscious by giving them an EASY TO ACCESS, convenient to attend and cost efficient way to learn and grow their knowledge.
  • GOAL #3 - Make it easy to access this information with; no traveling, no accommodation or transportation expenses. No STRESSING OUT over if you can even attend the event due to your schedule. No reason to not attend this event, because you attend it ONLINE - NO EXCUSES!
  • GOAL #4 - Ensure that those who attended the Animal Wellness Summit, as well as those who were not able to make the live presentations, are able to access and listen to the presentations over and over again at THEIR own leisure. This way you can literally ACCESS OVER 100 HOURS OF TRAINING from the comfort of your own living room, gym, office, morning commute or anywhere you can access the internet!
See the ENTIRE List of Animal Wellness Summit presenters and their Training
You'll Get Access to Below...
Dr Will
Think Outside The Medicine Box:
Raising Your Dog
the Natural Way
Dr Jean
Canine Health: Thyroid Disorders
Dr Andrew
How Conventional Medicine may be Harming your
Dogs and Cats
Yoga with Dogs 
- Dog Park Etiquette
Essential Oils, Nutrition + Basic Obedience to Field Champion Hunting Dogs; Happy Puppy's to Healthy Seniors
Essential Oils for Animal Shelters & Rescue Organizations
How Horses Learn - Behaviour Science 101
Create an Enriching Environment for your Equine
The 5 Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Dr Barbara
Lifting the Burden of Grief - Using Essential Oils During Times of Loss
Dr Bernadette
Emotions & Behavior/Energetic Healing
All God's Creatures
Animal’s Energetic Intelligence and Essential Oils
Animal Communication & Essential Oils
Dr Christina
Alternatives to Surgery: Common Conditions Managed with Animal Chiropractic
Healthy Rabbits and Essential Oils
Hidden in Plain Sight - The Ubiquitous Nature of Everyday Substances Toxic to Your Pets
Care of Geriatric Dogs
Good Dog! Behavior & Training with Essential Oils
Dr Erin
Raw Nutrition for Dogs and Cats
5 Ways To Help Prevent Spinal Injury in Your Dog
Equine Photonic Therapy
Red Light Therapy for Small Animals (including birds)
"We're just getting started!

You'll also learn from these ANIMAL WELLNESS Leaders & Experts..."
Reading Your Horse in a Health Situation
Dr Jodie
Step Up the Nutritional Ladder, because Oils are NOT Enough!
Health & Wellness for Sports Dogs
Emotional Release for your animals
Productive Play with your dog
Dr Kim Bloomer
& Dr 
Jeannie Thomason
How to Achieve Wellness in Your Animals
What Your Dog's Body Will Tell You About Their Behavior
Dr Ruth
Home-Cooked Foods for Dogs & Cats
Essential Oils for a "Stable" Environment
Seizures in Companion Birds
Unique Dietary Requirements for Each Species - Birds
Molting - Birds
What to do with
your puppy during those first impressionable weeks

Optimize Your Touch for Healing and Connection
Acupressure for Senior Animals (and 'Approaching Senior')
Super Healthy Horses
Chemical Free Pet
The H.E.L.P Oils
Dr Nikki
Pain Management in the Aging and Arthritic Pet
Elite Equine Athletes and Peak Performance and Optimal Health for Horse and Rider
HOW to Create a Genuine Connection With Your Horse

P.A.W.S.~Physical Activity With Spot™
Guess What's Coming for Dinner?

Dr Susan
It's a Dog's Life - Adjust
A Day in the Life of an Essential Oil Vet
Essential Oils and Chakras
Frequency, Healthy Pets &  Bio-Energetics

Ana Maria
Everything is Energy: Understanding the Metaphysics Behind Your Animal's Physical & Behavioral Symptoms
Dr Karolina
Preventing and Eliminating Fear in Animals

Mental & Emotional Fitness for Horses
Three Top Mistakes to Avoid When Working with Animals
Creating Individual Protocols for Animals using Your Intuition

Humane Intervention Hierarchy & Equipment
Heart to Heart; Connecting with Conscious Healing

Dr Tricia
The Fur Agreements: Lessons in Consciousness From the Animals
Accepting new members
in April 2018!

Bringing you 50+ expert speakers
in their respective field & passionately
sharing timely and relevant information
to help you feel more empowered
with caring for your four legged and
feathered family members
in the best way possible - naturally!
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